The Best Full Coverage Foundation 

If your looking for a full coverage foundation that actually works and covers EVERYTHING, then you really need to give Merle Norman Foundation a try. I have tried other foundations and nothing seems to compare to this thick foundation. I love it. This will cover ANYTHING! Perfect for hiding scars, redness,  dark circles, or birthmarks. This stuff is amazing. My skin just loves this foundation. I have dry skin and need a very full coverage foundation. I have a lot of redness and breakouts and I get self conscious about it pretty bad.  It doesn't matter what type of makeup I wear I just get breakouts and my little face stays red on my cheeks all the time. One thing about my skin is that I need lotion on my face all the time because it is so dry. I don't mean a little dry either. It get so dry that when I smile it actually feels like my face is crackling. I HAVE to moisturize my face. It's just a must.  Sometimes I wonder if the breakouts are being caused by the amount of lotion that I have to apply to my face all the time.  The breakouts are annoying,  but I have just learned to live with it and hopefully I will grow out of it. lol 

Now, back to the  Merle Norman Foundation. I can't say enough good things about this foundation. I use Total Finish Compact Makeup in Ivory and Alabaster Beige. I have an ivory skin tone but when I just use the Ivory foundation by itself I look way to washed out. I use the Alabaster Beige which is darker and I use it to give my face some color and contouring.  I have found that I can use the ivory foundation like a highlighter on my face and the Alabaster Beige to create shadows as well.  I just love this foundation. If you need a foundation that is going to stay put and cover lots of imperfections then this stuff is it. This is the only foundation that I wear that I actually feel like it covers like I need it to. 

I have tried other foundations and they just don't seem to fully cover like I would like it to.  I actually use to wear Max Factor Pan Stik foundation until they stopped selling it a Walmart.  So naturally, I had to find another brand of foundation. I tried some different foundations at Walmart but they weren't the full coverage I was looking for.  So I gave Merle Norman a try. I was hooked the first time I tried it.  For a dewy finish and maximum coverage just apply with a sponge. You can use a wet sponge for a semi-matte finish and sheer coverage. I like their sponges too. It works perfect with this foundation and it's soft on my face.  This foundation hides EVERYTHING. I have not found another foundation that compares to the coverage that this makeup has. I am sure there is something out there but I have not ran across it.  In the above pictures I did a swatch of both foundations on the inside of my arm. I also posted a video up above for you to see what kind of coverage Merle Norman foundation has. It shows different people with things they are hiding under the makeup. 

The "Total Finish Compact Makeup" is 22g and NET WT .80oz and will cost you about $22.00. You can only buy this foundation through local Merle Norman stores. They have a website online but you can't order online from them. I have seen some being sold on Ebay. You could always try there if you don't have a local Merle Norman store close to you. They were actually cheaper online and had free shipping. Keep in mind that Merle Norman offers many different shades and different types of foundations. They have liquid form if you like that kind. I can't use liquid anything. I DOES not cover my face at all. I don't care who it's by. lol When I put a liquid foundation on, it just looks terrible on my skin.  Me and liquid don't mix. Which is too bad cause I would really like to wear some but I just can't get it to work for my skin.

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Merle Norman Foundation Review by Glitter Lambs CosmeticsĀ©

Here is a close up of both foundations swatched on my arm.  The first one is in "Ivory" and the other is "Alabaster Beige". This swatch was done on the inside of my arm. 

Total Finish Compact Makeup Merle Norman Alabaster Beige Ivory Foundation by Glitter Lambs CosmeticsĀ©

The pictures shows the "Ivory" on the left and "Alabaster Beige" on the left. The sponge comes with the foundation.

Merle Norman Foundation Review by Glitter Lambs CosmeticsĀ©

Here is a close up of the "Ivory" Total 

Finish Compact Makeup Foundation.

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