Snowman Nails By Glitter Lambs Cosmetics Essie White Nail Polish In Blanc Blue YH Beja Polish

Snowman Nails

I painted my nails in a blue nail polish in YH Beja Cosmetics.  Then I added some snow using Essie Nail Polish in a white color called "Blanc". Then I used my black sharpie marker to draw a snowman on the nail and sealed it off with a pretty glitter top coat in Pure Ice "Don't You Wish". These are my "Snowman Nails". Cute for winter!

DIY: Just paint your nails in a solid blue color first and let dry. Then take a white color and paint the very tips of your nails only and then add about 5 dots of snow on the blue nails. Let dry. Then draw your snowman with a marker. Fill in the snowman with your white polish and let dry. Add a scarf if you want and fill in with red polish and make a nose using orange polish. Once all that is dry then add your glitter top coat at the end for a pretty sparkle. 

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Snowman Nails Pure Ice Don't You Wish Essie White Nail Polish Blanc Yh Beja Cosmetics Blue Snowman Nails DIY Winter Nails Pictures