Nails: Glitter Lambs Cosmetics

Painted Nails 

My nails painted in different kinds nail polish brands.  From big nail polish brands that are sold in stores like Essie, Pure Ice to independent nail polish makers such as KB Shimmer and Polish Me Silly.  We also have a section on Nail Polish Reviews.

Snowman Nails Winter Blue Pictures Nailart
Candy Cane Crush Nails KB Shimmer Red white glitter nail polish scented pink
Nails Mistletoe madness Polish me silly christmas green white red glitter nails
Pure Ice Twinkle Purple Glitter Nail Polish Essie White Nail Polish in Blanc Pictures Nailart
Essie Mink Muffs Brown Nail Polish Gold Glitter On Tips Sally Girl Sparkle Effects
Yowza yellow nails fing'rs heart 2 art blue glitter nail polish yh beja cosmetics silver glitter nail polish