Nail Art Runner Ups for Glitter Lambs Nail Art Contest

Here are the 4 runners up for our Glitter Lambs Nail Art Contest! 

(Our grand prize winner was @yaziweniaaaa and she did a Lilo And Stitch nail art)

Picking the winner and the runners up were so hard, because there are so many talented ladies that submitted their nail art. We really appreciate everyone that entered the contest. The main winner won three polishes of their choice from our Glitter Lambs Polish Store. The runners up landed themselves a spot on our instagram page along with a spot on our blog and this website. They also received a  25% off coupon code made specially for them to use in our shop. 

Top left is @lia_rammstein 

Top Right is @BrusiedUpDollie 

Bottom Left is @nailsby_redkoletz

Bottom Right is @Suger23 

The Top Left picture was done by @lia_rammstein and she did a nail art that featured some bunnies and a cute little chick that is inside of an egg, along with some zig zag lines on the other two nails. I love cartoon nail art so MUCH!!! So I just had to pick this one. I love cartoons with bright popping colors. It brings out the kid in me! This one makes me smile and it just yells FUN!!!! Playful and very alive... I give this one a HUGE THUMBS UP!!! Totally digging the cartoons!!! Major winner in my book!

The Top Right picture was done by @BruisedUpDollie and she did the most cutest nail art ever! I LOVE THIS! This was so creative and I just adore the bee on the nail! I love the honeycomb on each one of the nails. This was super adorable and totally caught my attention. I actually spotted this one out WAY before she entered the contest. I have never seen bee nails like this before. I love how unique this one is. So cool!!!!

The Bottom Left picture was done by @nailsby_redkoletz and she flat out nailed this one! I love how FLAWLESS this looks. All of her swatches jump off the page at me! No joke! I love how she did individual blocks of colors and ran a line through it. The bow really set this off. It's so PRETTY! Magazine Material worthy, Stunning. Flawless and Perfect.Gorgeous, Gorgeous, Gorgeous....

The Bottom Right picture was done by @Suger23 and my jaw hit the floor when I seen this one. I literally couldn't take my eyes off the glitter placement she did. A steady hand and lot's patience was written all over this one. This girl has got it when it comes to glitter placement! She is over the top with creativeness!

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