How to Highlight And Contour Your Face

Here is a YouTube video that I found and just had to share. This tutorial shows you how to contour and highlight. It's not as hard as you think. This is great for making for your face look slimmer as well. 

When people look at you their eyes will be drawn to the white.  The darker shade is contouring and will give dimension and shadow. There are so many different makeup tricks out there but this happens to be my favorite.

 It's amazing to me how you can transform your face by just adding certain colors in certain spots. The downside is that you can really make your face look worse or larger if you do your makeup wrong. This will also give the illusion of high cheekbones if you don't have much of a cheekbone. 

When take dark colors and add them down the sides of your nose and the some white down the middle of it this will give your nose a slimming effect. If your nose is already slim and your fine with it then you don't have to do that part. 

Adding a dark color along the jawline will give the look of a sharp jawbone and give it some shadow. This is also a great tip for slimming that area down. 

Just remember: White draws attention. So don't put the white where you don't want attention. White shimmer is good for applying directly under the eyebrow for a more wide eyed look. The will give the eyes a lift. White in the corner of your eyes will also give your eyes a pop. 

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