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Pictured above is a chunky silver holographic body or hair glitter mix called "Broken CDs

These large silver holographic shreds are perfect for adding to your hair for raves, parties, festivals, cosplay, dressup, etc! If you love glitter then you MUST head over to the GlitterLambs.com shop and check out all the awesome glitter mixes available for the body, face and hair!!!!

This is what Glitter Lambs "Broken CDs" looks like applied to the body. I just applied this over Vaseline to make the glitters stick. This silver holographic chunky shredded glitter mix is AWESOME! Watch the video clip below to see what this glitter looks like.


Pictured above is Glitter Lambs "Down The Rabbit Hole" Body, Face or Hair Glitter. Watch the video clip below to see what this glitter looks like on the body. 


The video clip above is Glitter Lambs Loose Eyeshadow/Highlighter pots that are available in the GlitterLambs.com store.They have a BEAUTIFUL GORGEOUS flash to them. Stunning!!!


Dracula's Castle My Baby Bat Is Not Spooky Skeleton Boogie Face, Hair & Body Glitter #bodyglitter #glitter #halloween

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Video clip above is from top to bottom: Dracula's Castle, My Baby Bat Is Not Spooky, Skeleton Boogie 

These Halloween body, face & hair glitters are available in the shop!

Chunky Body Glitter by Glitter Lambs

OHHHH MYYYY GOSH!!!!!!!!! These chunky body glitters are SO crazy amazing! If love unique body glitter then you MUST MUST MUST try Glitter Lambs body glitter. One of a kind chunky body glittermixes that you will NOT find anywhere else out there. Pictured above is "Billionaires Club" and "The Ultimate Birthday Cake" body glitters. See more Chunky Body Glitters on the website.

Glitter Lambs Body Glitter

From Left To Right:

My Mermaid Has A Teddy Bear

My Unicorn Plays Board Games

My Unicorn Has A Pet Fairy

That Crazy Mermaid Ate My Sunscreen

A Fairy Baked Me Blue Cupcakes

If you're looking for some really amazing body glitters and makeup glitter then you must add these too your makeup collection. 

Check out Glitter Lambs Cosmetic Glitters 

Pictured above is Glitter Lambs "Gold Digger" Cosmetic Glitter.

It is a rich vibrant golden yellow holographic rainbow prism cosmetic glitter (.004)

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A Sugarplum Fairy Ate My Gingerbread House Body Glitter 

Christmas Body Glitter Mixes that you WILL NOT find anywhere else. Unique one of a kind body glitter mixes by Glitter Lambs. Check out the Christmas 2017 Body Glitter Section!!!!

What Size Of Glitter Do I Need To Buy? .002 .004 .008 .015 Glitter Lambs